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What is Success Coaching?


Success Coaching

The Success Coach Programs and Coach Certification Programs are suited to:

  • Leaders/Project Leaders/Change Management/CEO’s

  • Executives & Senior Managers/HR/ Area Managers/SEO’s

  • Head Teachers/Key Stage Leaders/Lead Teachers

  • Business Managers/ Assistant Managers/Office Managers/HEO’s

  • Team Leaders/Supervisors /EO’s/ Senior Support Staff

  • Any individuals wishing to qualify as a Certified Coach

Coaching/Training Programs Include:

  • Change and Transformation
  • Understanding the Change Process
  • Tools &Techniques
  • Peak Performance
  • Increasing Productivity
  • Achieving Goals & Targets
  • Linear & Whole Brain thinking
  • Unlocking Inner Potential
  • Skills & Soft skills Development
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development
  • Decreasing Resistance to Change
  • Energy Levels
  • The Brain & Signal Speeds Optimisation

Program & Session Duration:

Individual Coaching Sessions ~ 15 to 60 minutes

Tailored Coaching Programs ~ 1 to 4 Days

Coach Certification Programs ~ 1 to 4 Days


Whole Brain Integral Thinking for Schools & Businesses

  • We offer a variety of tailored in-house Coaching programs designed to facilitate peak performance and excellence in Schools , Businesses and organisations
  • We also deliver short Coach Training programs Certificating Managers and staff in Schools and Businesses as skilled in-house coaches, who once fast track training is complete, will be able to optimise and maximise the skills and potential of Staff (as well as more effectively support students and Parents in schools)
  • Using this technique will enable your organisation to become a high Performance, School or Business with the skills and ability to support and Mentor other schools and businesses.
  • This very quick, simple technique enables ‘Whole-is-tic’ integrated ‘Whole Brain’ thinking within Leadership, Management teams, staff and students alike, enabling ‘Whole School’ or ‘Whole Business’ Transformation.
  • Students and Parents have also been found to be extremely receptive and responsive to the technique.
  • As a highly successful school or business you will be able to use these skills to Coach or Train other schools and businesses to achieve similar levels of results and success.

COACHING PROGRAMS – About the Technique

  • The Success Coaching technique Supports and facilitates Personal, School & Business Transformation by facilitating the change from ‘Linear’ to ‘Whole Brain’ thinking
  • Tailored Coaching Programs are delivered via simple conversation or via simple interaction, sometimes based around a chosen activity
  • This technique facilitates and supports Continuing Personal, Career and Professional development (CPD) for the entire staff
  • Coaching will improve productivity and performance
  • The entire staff will flow more easily with change and will more readily adapt to and accept change.
  • In Schools, Colleges and Education the technique can facilitate increased potential and can positively impact learning and behaviour in students
  • Once the Leadership, Management teams and Team Leaders are accessing and using ‘whole brain’ thinking, it will naturally ‘filter through’ to benefit and positively affect the rest of the staff across the whole School, Business or Organisation


  • We provide a variety of 1 day fast track Coach Certification Training Programs for Businesses, Schools and Organisations
  • Training is also available for individuals who wish to qualify as Independent Certified Coaches
  • All Training Programs are tailored to suit the individual – Not a one size fits all
  • During Training Programs, although a procedure is outlined, actually using the technique is a very easy and simple process which requires the practitioner to be aware of yet not overthink the process as less is more


  • The switch from linear to ‘Whole-Brain’ Broad-Band thinking and functioning is a process of major Change and Transformation that is currently being experienced and is well underway within many Schools and Businesses across Society as a whole.
  • The Success Coaching technique rapidly assists schools businesses and organisations to more easily identify areas of change
  • Many Businesses, organisations and Schools are finding it difficult to identify the change process until it is well advanced or well underway, by which time the School or Business may find they spend a great deal of time frantically ‘catching up’ with the process
  • The technique can be tailored to accelerate the Transformation process, even for those Schools and Businesses which are discovering that they are somewhat ‘lagging behind’ with the Change Process.
  • As a fast track technique, it facilitates faster outcomes and enables a much quicker, smoother transition, positively affecting performance, achievement and overall progress across the entire School, Business or Organisation
  • Schools and Businesses will also find it easier to identify and stay ‘on Track’ with any subsequent or future changes


Step 1
We arrange a short free no obligation consultation with the Manager or we may choose to visit the School/ Business/ Organisation to determine the most suitable level of Tailored Coaching Support Package or Coach Certification Training Program appropriate for your organisation’s needs.

This initial Consultation may also serve as a ‘taster’ or a brief ‘training induction’.

Step 2
We feed back the results and agree a date(s) to deliver the Tailored Coaching Program or Training Program.

Step 3
We then deliver the Tailored Coaching or Training Program at your earliest convenience or on an agreed date.

Opportunity to trial Success Coaching

We are currently offering Schools, Businesses and Organisations (from a range of different industries), the opportunity to trial this technique and provide us with short written feedback.
Should you wish to participate in a Trial ‘One to one’ Program or Group Program, please email:
Miss Pryce at: