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What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching is fast track coaching for Schools Businesses and Organisations. The Success Coaching technique facilitates ‘Whole-is-tic’ Whole Brain Thinking and optimum functioning for peak performance, increased productivity, achievement of goals and success.
We specialise in delivering a variety of tailored Coaching Programs and Coach Certification Training Programs designed and tailored specifically for Team Leaders, Business Managers and Leaders.

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Platinum Package

Leadership Coaching

  • Develop Leadership skills
  • Change Management
  • Take projects to higher levels of Success
  • Clear vision
  • Decision-making
  • Ability to Anticipate
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Diamond Package

Executive Coaching

  • Develop Senior Management skills
  • Clearer Objectives
  • Project Management skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Time management
  • Strategic Thinking
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Gold Package

Business Coaching

  • Develop Management skills
  • Easier planning and prioritising
  • Problem Solving
  • Increased Business turnover
  • Communication & interpersonal skills
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Silver Package

Career Coaching

  • Develop Team Leader Skills
  • Wellbeing
  • Performance & Productivity
  • Achieve goals & targets
  • Career/ Personal Development
  • People skills
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  • CARE and EASE formula for Business/Schools performance, Business/Schools Change and Transformation
  • Facilitates Business Growth, Transformation, Development and ‘Whole-istic’ Change Management
  • Interactive techniques available
  • Coaching technique for significantly faster, integrated whole brain ‘Whole-is-tic’ thinking
  • Facilitates increased levels of skills for peak performance and increased productivity
  • Technique is easily applied across a wide range of industries
  • Fast track method for faster results and outcomes
  • Coaching Programs available for all staff with Services and Packages tailored to suit the group or individual
  • Fast Track Coach Certification Training Programs available
  • Become Certified to deliver in-house Programs and/ or Training Programs within your School, Business or Organisation
  • Become Certified to deliver independent Programs and/or Training for other Schools, Businesses or Organisations